The perfect boat for any dragon boat paddler looking for an extra workout! The Allwave Dragon OC-1 construction quality is exceptional and makes it unbeatable value for your money.


Price: Fiberglass = 4750$ | Carbon = 5750$

Size: 5.80 m
Available options: Car roof rack, boat cover




  • Reversible left/right ama
  • Length: 580 cm.
  • Width: 40 cm.
  • Construction available: Ibrida" construction: gel-coat/fiberglass/foam-core/fiberglass/infusion/vinylester resin.




Excluding GST/HST
  • Order your outrigger before August 30th for delivery spring 2022

    Choose the model you want, the color you want and different options such as boat cover and car roof rack. Get a free Quickblade paddle when you order from us.

    Available models:  OC-1 All Wave Mito  | OC-1 All Wave Fluctus | OC-1 All Wave Dragoon

  • It is possible to ship your Outrigger. The price varies according to the destination and the weight. The price displayed is budgetary. It is best to contact us to discuss the different shipping options for this product.