SUP Pipeline paddling erg


PaddleOne introduces the new paddle board simulator called the PipeLine.  Once you get on the platform and start rowing, you feel like you're on the water. Take advantage of the PipeLine to improve your technique or just keep in shape especially in cold weather or when your schedule is too tight to get on the water!


All moving parts are on ball bearings.


The sturdy body of the unit is made of high quality steel for strength and stability.


The cables holding the paddle to the unit and transmitting motion are made of a tested composite material and are designed to withstand high tensions.


The steel platform mounted on a sturdy suspension that simulates stability on the water.


The 9 lbs cast iron wheel gives the necessary velocity to simulate the reality of paddle strokes in the water.


The adjustable nylon belt gives the desired resistance.


Weight 55 lbs

Dimensions 10"×12"×70" 

SUP Pipeline

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