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The perfect boat for any dragon boat paddler looking for an extra workout!  The CHAMPION OC-1 is  a very versatile boat, great value for money.


Price: Carbon Club = 4000$ | Carbon Extra Light = $4750$
Available options: Car roof rack, boat cover




  • Reversible left/right ama
  • Length: 5,85m | 19,193ft
  • Water line: 5,8m | 19,029ft
  • Width: 0,4m | 1,312ft
  • Construction available: Carbon Extra Light or Carbon Club
  • Overall weight Carbon Extra light model: 22,6lbs +/- 0,4lbs
  • Overall weight Carbon Club model: 41,82lbs +/- 0,4lbs

Champion OC-1

Excluding GST/HST
  • It is possible to ship your Outrigger. The price varies according to the destination and the weight. The price displayed is budgetary. It is best to contact us to discuss the different shipping options for this product. 

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