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The perfect boat for any dragon boat paddler looking for an extra workout!  The CHAMPION OC-1 is  a very versatile boat, great value for money.


Price: Carbon Club = 4000$ | Carbon Extra Light = $4750$
Available options: Car roof rack, boat cover




  • Reversible left/right ama
  • Length: 5,85m | 19,193ft
  • Water line: 5,8m | 19,029ft
  • Width: 0,4m | 1,312ft
  • Construction available: Carbon Extra Light or Carbon Club
  • Overall weight Carbon Extra light model: 22,6lbs +/- 0,4lbs
  • Overall weight Carbon Club model: 41,82lbs +/- 0,4lbs

Champion OC-1

Excluding GST/HST